Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Voices! Stand! Speak Truth To Power!

My voice,

Inside walls of stone, broke,

Fell apart, dropped down

Unheard. My dog and

I vaulted the wall, its grove,

Unlike stones, alive and green,

Waving in synchronicity blessed

By wind's wafting. Unnerved,

It was always so.


I spoke

Again, and again my voice

Whisked away to leaves and limbs,

Wisps floating down to barren

Ground. My little dog sensed

Fear in belly, agony of heart,

My very soul lapsing under

Strain of needing to be

Heard. And yet unnerved,

It has always been so.


A friend

Joined step and voice,

Making us two, till more came.

Then more. Hundreds and

Thousands and thousands,

More than thousands on town

Greens, nation's Mall, old

Village squares across the

Global world of voices,

Where all of us stood hushed

As one, as if waiting for the cue.


We raised

Our joined, single voice

In thunder clap after clap,

Booming and rolling on and again,

Reverberating in discharge, as

Only lightning-struck thunder can.

Voices of the world in unison

Smashed stone walls, blew

Down trees, down deep at

Roots. We sensed, animals and

People alike, we had at

last been heard. Nerved,

It had never been so.


Silence splashed

Like rain, washed down on all

Our voices. All the world of us.

We stood together across our

Greens and squares and groves,

Along our stone walls, stood

Still together, waiting, praying,



A voice whined,

The lie in the tin of the voice thin,

Tilted to the side like its head,

Tiny, jerked by shrugs of shoulders,

All performed on cue,

Haltingly, hauntingly.

"I won't be budged.

I am the decision maker.

Just give war a chance.

Let it be so.

Let The Surge be so."


Our voices,

Turbid yet not willing

To let it be so, yelled

Out for the flash and roar

Of lightnings and thunders,

From out that turgid silence,

Undaunted, one lone Voice asked,

"But what about the blunders?"


The Vice's voice

Prompting loud from out of sight,

Behind the tinny one.

And yet, and yet from on high,

It spat from mouth's twisted sneer,


Let there be War."

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