Monday, February 18, 2008

He Speaks and Speaks and Speaks

Mister Bush beams a familiar voice on daily news,
Stumping in halls owned by crowds that ooze
Applause each time he sounds "Stay the course."
Brainwashed as they are without remorse,
Eager to cheer for swagger and bravado
By a little man from the past's grey shadow.

Jurors are instructed to sift the credibility
Of witnesses by using their own ability
To size up the huckster and the fraud,
By the way they talk and the way they plod.
The norm is Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.
False in one thing, false in everything, Mister Bush.

Only you are our White House resident,
Commander-in-chief and president,
Leader of all, decider of deciders, too,
Uniter not divider, ringmaster of the zoo
Of Washington, DC, once the proud capitol
Of a revered country, now doomed to fall.

Speak your rambling rant, embellish the lies,
Schoolboy grin hovering under hooded eyes,
Pile it on, false on true, loud and clear,
Make sure you get the country's ear
And mind and heart and soul as well.
Then, send more soldiers to Mideast hell.

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